10:00, Saturday, 9 Mar 2019


Bradfield Centre, Cambridge, UK

Our mission

The very first Cambridge-Bradfield Hackathon codenamed CBHACK

We bring together 100 hackers from diverse backgrounds and top universities around the UK over a weekend to connect, learn, explore blockchain/DLT tech and build amazing projects over 9-10th of March in Cambridge.

So why should you come?

CBHACK is a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Win Cash Prizes (£10.000 in cash prizes)
  • Hands-on Tech Workshops From The Leading Blockchain Companies
  • Network & Career Opportunities With Sponsors
  • Visit the Beautiful City of Cambridge
  • Enjoy Fun Activities, Food Trucks, and Get Awesome Swag

Whether you’re new to coding or design or a seasoned hacker or you don’t have coding skills at all, CBHACK is for everyone. All you need is a desire to collaborate with people of different backgrounds, be eager to learn, and a goal to make the world better a better place with the blockchain technology. We can’t wait to see you at CBHACK!


Join our Slack channel to receive the latest announcements and talk to our sponsors and the committee! If you want to find out more about the prizes and the challenges, visit and sign up to our DevPost page at https://cbhack.devpost.com

Our sponsors

A huge shoutout to our sponsors! Without your support, this event would have been impossible!


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And Partners

Register now

Register now for the chance to win up to 10k prizes and to learn from experts in the blockchain industry!

The Venue | Bradfield Centre

Established by University of Cambridge Trinity College, the Bradfield Center is a stunning co-working space located at the heart of the Cambridge Tech Cluster in the Cambridge Science Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you have a question that is not listed here. We will reply you in no time!

A hackathon is an event where teams collaborate on a project or "hack" within a tight time limit. At CBHACK, teams of up to 4 collaborate over 24 hours to create a real product solving the existing world problem while learning more about blockchain technology and networking with like-minded participants. Industry professionals from our sponsors will share their experiences with you, and support and guide your projects from a technical perspective. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of top industry professionals. So, attend our hackathon, assemble a team, build a groundbreaking product, learn and make new exciting connections, and finally win prizes!
The deadline is on 1st of March. However, you may still try applying after the deadline.
CBHACK is 100% free for all participants. Just apply and get your ticket!
Have no fear! Hackathons are for you to learn and in fact, it is one of the best ways to do so. On the first day of CBHACK, we will also facilitate team building so no one gets left out! We'll also have a workshop to prepare you for hacking. Even, if you can’t code you can still help with research and help to figure out the idea. And when you run into any problems or questions, mentors will be happy to help you out. By the end of hack you will have new skills, friends, and a project under your belt!
The theme of the hackathon is “application of distributed ledger technology to solve real-world problems,” with an emphasis on creating value by solving real-world problems. Also, there may be sponsored prizes with specific qualifying criteria.
Yes! As long as you make it clear what you have completed during the hackathon.
Don’t worry, we will help you! If you are traveling from outside of Cambridge, your traveling cost (up to £20) will be reimbursed. Upon arrival to the hackathon come to the registration desk, save your receipts and make sure to have a copy of them on-site. You will be receive money in the next 10 working day. If you arrive by car, you can drive straight to Bradfield Centre and park your car there. Keep an eye on our notifications.
If you have any additional questions about traveling, feel free to reach out to our travel team at [email protected]
CBHACK is a 24h event, which means that hackers should be prepared to sleep overnight at the venue. All food will be provided at event so don't worry about that! But bring everything you need to stay the night. Here is a list of what you should definitely have:
  • ID: You’ll need this to check in to the event.
  • Laptop: Desktops aren’t great travel companions.
  • Chargers (laptop, phone, etc.)
  • Headphones: With so many hackers in one building, it can get a bit loud, so bring headphones if you want to get some quiet time.
  • Sleeping bag, air mattress, and/or pillow: You will sleep overnight at Bradfield Centre, so you will need something to sleep on.
  • Reusable water bottle: If you have one, bring it and help to reduce on waste.

About us

CBHACK is jointly run by the Cambridge Blockchain Society, the Cambridge Blockchain Hub and BITMEET

Cambridge Blockchain Society

Founded by University of Cambridge students in 2018, our mission is fostering Cambridge's blockchain ecosystem by maintaining a distributed network for enthusiastic students, academics and industry partners.

Cambridge Blockchain Hub

The Cambridge Blockchain Hub is a one-stop- shop platform and community for cross- disciplinary and collaborative projects and policy analysis, the testing of innovative applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and the incubation of new blockchain based ventures that are impactful to industry, academia, and society


BITMEET came together in 2017. We have a solid track of organizing collaborative events with universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, and LSE, and first ever student-led blockchain conference in the UK, THE BIG BITMEET.
Over time we have accumulated extensive network of students societies and professionals, bridging the gap successfully between the two in the UK