10:00, Saturday, 9 Mar 2019


Bradfield Centre, Cambridge, UK

Our mission

To bring together 100 hackers from diverse backgrounds over a weekend to connect, learn, and explore applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

Over 9-10th of March, we aim to gather students from Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, LSE and other top universities across the UK in Cambridge to build amazing projects.

CBHACK is a unique opportunity for you to engage with and recruit top talent that are passionate about learning and technology.

Why sponsor CBHACK

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As one of the best universities and with a heritage that includes Sir Isaac Newton and Alan Turing, Cambridge is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. Sponsorship is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet, mentor and recruit amazing talent in technology and entrepreneurship.


Brand Awareness

CBHACK is a great way to promote your brand and market your platform to talented young developers and entrepreneurs. Engaging with our participants will help create a buzz and build a community. Sponsor challenges and prizes for participants to use your platform in creative ways and see what new and innovative ideas may emerge!



Hackers love to experiment. There is no better way to test, showcase and gain traction for your platform then by letting talented hackers experiment with it. Get direct feedback and discover the clever and unanticipated ways they use your platform

The Venue | Bradfield Centre

Established by University of Cambridge Trinity College, the Bradfield Center is a stunning co-working space located at the heart of the Cambridge Tech Cluster in the Cambridge Science Park.

About us

CBHACK is jointly run by the Cambridge Blockchain Society, BITMEET and the Cambridge Blockchain Hub

Cambridge Blockchain Society

Founded by University of Cambridge students in 2018, our mission is fostering Cambridge's blockchain ecosystem by maintaining a distributed network for enthusiastic students, academics and industry partners.

Cambridge Blockchain Hub

The Cambridge Blockchain Hub is a one-stop- shop platform and community for cross- disciplinary and collaborative projects and policy analysis, the testing of innovative applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and the incubation of new blockchain based ventures that are impactful to industry, academia, and society


BITMEET came together in 2017. We have a solid track of organizing collaborative events with universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, and LSE, and first ever student-led blockchain conference in the UK, THE BIG BITMEET.
Over time we have accumulated extensive network of students societies and professionals, bridging the gap successfully between the two in the UK